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Microsoft Surface laptop and tablet service. The giant from Redmond probably needs no introduction. One of the largest IT companies in the world was established in 1975 in Albuquerque, United States of America. The company is well known even among people who do not deal with the computer industry on a daily basis, including: thanks to Windows systems or Microsoft Office office software. However, Microsoft is not only software. The company also produces electronic equipment, including: laptops, tablets, game consoles, mice, keyboards, etc. Since 2001, the company has been producing Xbox game consoles. The first tablets with the Microsoft logo saw the light of day in 2012, and in 2017 the first Surface series laptop was premiered.


Surface laptop service

Microstoft Surface laptops are characterized by solid workmanship, minimalist design and attention to even the smallest detail. The keyboard and the touchpad area are finished with pleasant-to-touch Alcantara, and the aluminum casing makes the equipment look really stylish.

But of course there are also disadvantages. Firstly, limited expandability. Secondly, the aluminum unibody casing looks very aesthetic but does not have any screws. This means that to get inside you have to peel off and then glue the palmrest again, which probably not everyone will be able to cope with. The third issue is Alcantara, which, although durable, requires regular cleaning. Over time, gray spots appear from holding your wrists.


Microsoft laptops include:

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 1769
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 1769
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13,5″ 1867 i 1868
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15″ 1873
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13,5″ 1950 i 1951
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 15″ 1953
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 13,5″
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 15″
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 1943
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 2013
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 1964


Surface tablet service

serwis microsoft surfaceMicrosoft tablets are made in the same style as laptops, i.e. simplicity and elegance without unnecessary frills. As the manufacturer itself claims, its tablets combine the performance of a laptop with the comfort of a tablet. And it’s hard to disagree with that. A foldable stand and the option to purchase a keyboard or pen make these devices very versatile. All Surface tablets run Microsoft Windows. As in the case of laptops, the casing of Surface tablets does not have screws, which requires ungluing and removing the matrix module when servicing the device. The weak point is also the batteries, which tend to swell. It looks like the battery starts to swell and increase in size. It exerts pressure on the matrix, which first causes light discolorations to appear on the edges of the LCD matrix. Later, the matrix begins to bend, bulge and detach from the housing.


Surface tablets are:

  • Microsoft Surface Go 1824
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2 1901
  • Microsoft Surface Go 3 1901
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 1724
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 5 1796
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6 1796
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 1866
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ 1960 i 1761
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 8 1983
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 9 2038
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X 1876
  • Microsoft Surface Book 1703
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2 13,5″ 1832
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2 15,6″ 1793
  • Microsoft Surface Book 3 13,5″ 1900
  • Microsoft Surface Book 3 15,6″ 1899


Microsoft Surface Service Warsaw

At LaptopFix, we repair all models of Microsoft Surface laptops and tablets. Come today with your damaged laptop or tablet for a free repair estimate in 15 minutes, and our technicians will take care of the rest. Surface laptop repair has no secrets for us. We will repair the motherboard, replace the matrix/screen and battery. We will replace a cracked Surface Pro foot hinge or charging port. We will also help if your laptop is spilled with liquid. And if your Surface laptop or tablet is overheating, we will clean the dust and replace the thermal paste on the processor. We also repair typical Surface faults, such as screen flashing in Surface Pro 4 or BIOS failures after a failed update, e.g. Surface turns on only to the Windows logo and then turns off.


Examples of services offered by LaptopFix laptop service

  • Cleaning and maintaining the cooling system of your Surface laptop
  • Cooling system repair
  • Replacing the LCD matrix in Surface
  • Replacing the matrix ribbon
  • Repair of the matrix backlight circuit
  • Replacement of BGA chips – graphics chip, bridge
  • Reballing of BGA chips
  • Replacing damaged sockets and connectors in Microsoft Surface
  • Surface laptop motherboard repair
  • Replacing the Surface Keyboard
  • Touchpad repair or replacement
  • Replacement of HDDs, SSDs, RAM, processors, DVD drives
  • Surface laptop repair after flooding
  • Replacement of housing elements and hinges
  • Repair and installation of operating systems
  • Virus removal
  • Replacing a used battery
  • Laptop power suppliesReplacing a broken glass (digitizer)

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