Tablet service in Warsaw. Come today for a free repair estimate for your tablet. Our technicians with many years of experience in tablet repair will quickly and efficiently handle any malfunction. At LaptopFix, we repair all available tablet models.


We repair tablets from all manufacturers: Samsung (Galaxy Tab, Note), Lenovo Yoga, Apple iPad, Sony Xperia, Microsoft Surface, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Huawei, Kiano, Medion, GoClever, Alcatel, Prestigio, Lark, Nvidia and others.


We offer, among others:

Broken glass (digitizer) replacement

Replacement of broken or cracked touch screen in a tablet.

Fault symptoms: Damaged touch panel after a fall, cracked screen. The tablet does not respond to touch, various functions are selected automatically. The touch screen goes crazy, part of the screen does not work.


Motherboard repair

Motherboard repair – tablet service.

Fault symptoms: The tablet does not turn on, does not charge the battery, randomly turns off, freezes, restarts. The tablet heats up, as well as improper display of the image.


LCD matrix replacement

Replacement of the matrix, display module in the tablet.

Fault symptoms: Problems with image display, stains, discoloration, as well as no image, cracked matrix, spilled screen.


Charging socket / USB connector replacement

Replacement of a damaged tablet power socket.

Fault symptoms: Problems with charging the battery, loose USB connection, damaged power socket, torn out USB, and the tablet takes a long time to charge the battery.


Repair of damaged buttons

Repair / replacement of hardware buttons, e.g., power, volume up, volume down.

Fault symptoms: Cannot turn on the tablet, no response to pressing, sunken power button. No tactile feedback when pressing, as well as missing buttons.


Tablet repair after liquid damage

Cleaning the motherboard and repairing the tablet after liquid ingress.

Fault symptoms: The tablet does not turn on or turns off after a while, does not charge the battery, as well as stains on the display, does not respond to touch.


Replacement of damaged SIM card, memory card slots

Replacement of SIM slot, memory card, removing a blocked card from the connector.

Fault symptoms: Mechanically damaged slot, bent pins, cannot remove or install the card. The tablet does not detect the memory card, the card is blocked in the slot. No network, as well as no internet.


Battery replacement

Replacement of a damaged / worn-out battery in a tablet.

Fault symptoms: The tablet does not charge the battery, does not fully charge the battery, quickly discharges. Long battery charging time or no charging. Turns off even with a fully charged battery.


Software repair, system reinstallation – Android, Windows, iOS

Software repair, driver installation, software uploading.

Fault symptoms: The tablet freezes at startup, loops on the logo, does not turn on. Freezes during operation, restarts, and also lacks drivers.


Software update

Installation of the latest available operating system version on the tablet.

Fault symptoms: Automatic system update does not work, cannot install and run some applications, problems with running newer applications. Google Play store and Google services do not work.


Removing forgotten passwords

Resetting settings and removing passwords.

Fault symptoms: Damaged user profile – Despite entering the correct password, you cannot log into your profile. The tablet user has forgotten the login password.


We repair all malfunctions such as:

  • no image on the display
  • cracked touch screen (glass)
  • broken matrix
  • no backlight on the matrix
  • the operating system does not start
  • the tablet freezes on the manufacturer’s logo
  • system freezes, errors, blue screens
  • cannot unlock the tablet
  • the tablet works slowly
  • repair of a liquid-damaged tablet
  • the tablet does not turn on
  • no sound
  • the headphone jack does not work
  • loose charging socket, USB
  • the tablet does not charge the battery
  • no internet, Wi-Fi does not work
  • the tablet does not detect the SIM card
  • the tablet does not detect the memory card
  • viruses, pop-ups, ads

and much more.


If the malfunction of your tablet is not on the list, do not worry. We treat every repair individually. Come for a free repair estimate, and we will take care of the rest.