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Reporting the repair of damaged equipment is very simple. Equipment for repair can be delivered in person or via a shipping company/post office. In each case, the repair estimate is free and does not oblige you to anything, even if you cancel the repair.


You can report repair of damaged equipment in two ways:

  • In person, i.e. by bringing damaged equipment to our service center. There is no need to make an appointment, just come during service opening hours and we guarantee that we will provide an initial diagnosis and repair estimate in just 15 minutes. The LaptopFix service is located at 132 Grójecka Street in Warsaw (Szczęśliwice, Ochota) – a map with the exact location can be found in the Contact tab


  • Mail order – in addition to stationary service, we also carry out repairs by mail order via a courier company. Thanks to this, you can repair your damaged equipment without leaving your home. Just fill out the interactive application form below. If you select: “I want to order a courier” in the shipping option, after accepting the application, we will send a consignment note to the provided e-mail address, which must be printed and stuck on the package, and a receipt protocol for the courier, which must be printed in two copies. The courier will pick up the parcel on the date you choose. If you don’t want to use this shipping option, no problem. Pack the equipment for repair and send it to our service address. Instead of filling out the form on the website, you can also download it, print it and attach it to the package. Reporting a repair does not oblige you to order a repair. You will make your decision only after reading the cost estimate presented by us. If you cancel, you only pay shipping costs – PLN 20 one way.



Shipping Repair Procedure
  • After receiving the package, the equipment is handed over to technicians to verify the fault and estimate the repair.
  • Within three business days of receiving the equipment, but usually the next day, we send an e-mail with a repair cost estimate and the estimated time of its completion.
  • After accepting the cost estimate, we begin the repair
  • We confirm the completion of the repair by e-mail
  • Payment by transfer for repairs
  • We send repaired and tested equipment by courier


Things to remember:

  • Please secure the package well to prevent damage to the equipment during transport
  • Describe the fault and its symptoms as precisely as possible
  • When receiving the shipment, check its contents in the presence of the courier, even if it does not show any visible signs of damage. A damage report prepared in the presence of the courier is the only basis for accepting any mechanical complaints


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