czyszczenie układu chłodzenia laptopa

Cleaning your laptop’s cooling system is a task that should be performed regularly. There is no fixed recipe for how often this maintenance should be done. Based on many years of observation during the repair of various types of laptops, we can assume that cleaning with maintenance should be done once a year. Nevertheless, it is worth observing how your laptop behaves. If the fan starts making noise and the laptop heats up more, it’s a sign that its cooling system needs periodic maintenance.


Why do you need to clean the cooling system in a laptop?

Most laptops have a fan that blows warm air out of the laptop and sucks in cool air from outside. This way, dust, lint, pet hair, etc., get into the laptop. These impurities settle on the radiator fins, eventually clogging them completely, which drastically worsens the quality of the laptop’s cooling.

Equally important is the periodic replacement of thermal paste. The paste is a substance that helps transfer heat from the system to the radiator. Over time, the paste dries out and loses its properties. It is important to use high-quality paste when replacing it. The paste should be replaced regularly even if the laptop’s cooling system is clean.


When to clean the laptop’s cooling system?

As we wrote in the introduction, the interval between cleanings is not fixed. This period depends, among other things, on the environment in which the laptop is used, whether there are pets at home, and even on the laptop model itself. Smoking tobacco products and e-cigarettes also negatively impact the cooling system. Ideally, the laptop’s cooling system should be cleaned once a year. If the laptop is used outdoors, even more frequently – every 6 months.

Symptoms of an inefficient cooling system in a laptop:

  • excessive heating of the laptop during use
  • the laptop overheats and shuts down – it cannot be turned on again until it cools down a bit
  • laptop restarts
  • performance drop, the laptop slows down, e.g., during gaming
  • error messages, blue screens, the laptop freezing during operation
  • loud fan operation – the fan makes noise, and you can hear rubbing and clicking from inside the laptop
  • frequent fan activation and high-speed operation


What does the cooling system cleaning and maintenance service include?

The cooling system cleaning and maintenance service we perform at LaptopFix includes disassembling the laptop and:

  • full cleaning of the cooling system, including disassembly and cleaning of the radiator and fan
  • replacement of thermal paste on the processor, graphics system, and thermal pads
  • cleaning the case from dust
  • checking the fan’s efficiency, lubricating the bearings if necessary
  • testing after maintenance
Faults caused by an inefficient cooling system

Using a laptop that constantly overheats will certainly negatively affect its lifespan. The operation of the entire system at temperatures higher than those specified by the manufacturer will cause faster wear of the semiconductor systems on the motherboard. Overheating and damage to the graphics system, chipset, or other serious motherboard failures may occur. Regular cleaning of the laptop’s cooling system will reduce the risk of motherboard damage and allow you to enjoy trouble-free laptop operation for a long time.


How not to clean the cooling system in a laptop

To conclude, a few tips on how not to clean the laptop from dust. We definitely advise against using compressed air and spraying it randomly. Using compressed air makes sense if the cooling system is not yet heavily soiled; otherwise, the layer of compacted dust will get between the fan blades and block it. Using high-pressure air also carries the risk of damaging the fan bearings and breaking the blades. There’s also the issue of replacing the thermal paste, which cannot be done without disassembling the laptop. On the other hand, attempting to disassemble the laptop by inexperienced persons can result in additional damage and repair costs. In our service, we have seen many such cases: broken cases, chipped processor cores, stripped screws on the motherboard, and torn connectors. It is better to entrust the work to professionals, not expose yourself to additional costs, and sleep peacefully.

If you have noticed any of the symptoms described above in your laptop, have another problem with your laptop, or have just realized that your several-year-old laptop has never been cleaned, we invite you to LaptopFix for a free quote in just 15 minutes. Our technicians with many years of experience will diagnose the problem and propose the best solution.

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