Replacing the screen cable in a laptop is one of the many services available at LaptopFix laptop service in Warsaw. As the laptop ages, the cable can wear out, which may cause the screen to go blank, flicker, or lose the image when the lid is moved.


What is a screen cable?

The screen cable is a bundle of wires that connects the motherboard to the laptop’s screen. It consists of thin copper wires in a Teflon insulation and plugs that together form the screen cable. The bundle of wires is wrapped in shielding material and, at the points of contact with the motherboard, in insulating tape. Additionally, it is reinforced in the most vulnerable places. Depending on the laptop model, it may also connect other devices located in the lid, such as a camera, microphone, touchscreen, or additional LED lights. The screen cable transmits video signals as well as power voltages for the backlight and screen electronics. It also carries signals for brightness control and backlight on/off.


Screen cable damages

Most often, these are mechanical damages resulting from the laptop’s use. The screen cable runs from the bottom part of the laptop to the lid through one of the hinges. As a result of opening and closing the lid, the cable wears out or breaks at the bend. One cause of signal cable damage may be a damaged hinge or casing near it. A seized hinge will exert more pressure on the casing, which will eventually lead to the breaking of its mounts, the casing, or the hinge itself. A loose hinge in the casing will quickly cause the signal cable to wear out.

In the pictures below, we have marked the places of cable damage with a red arrow. The break in the cable may not always be visible to the naked eye. Most often, the damage occurs inside the insulation.


Symptoms of a damaged laptop screen cable

Characteristic symptoms of a damaged screen cable include flickering images when moving the lid, horizontal lines on the screen, and visible images only at a certain angle of the lid. These symptoms should not be ignored, as further damage can cause a short circuit due to wire connections inside the cable, damaging the screen or motherboard.


Symptoms of screen cable failure:

  • Flickering screen
  • Snowy image on the screen
  • Incorrect colors on the screen
  • Red, green, or blue artifacts
  • No screen backlight
  • Backlight goes off when moving the screen
  • Laptop shuts down when moving the screen
  • White screen
  • No image on the screen


Replacing the screen cable at LaptopFix laptop service

The repair involves disassembling the laptop – disassembling the screen lid and laptop casing – replacing the screen cable with a new one, reassembling the notebook, and performing appropriate tests after the repair.

When replacing the screen cable yourself, it’s important to know that the symptoms described above can also result from damage to the LCD screen or the connector on the motherboard. Without proper experience in laptop repair, it’s easy to make a mistake. Incorrectly connecting the cable can cause a short circuit and damage the screen or motherboard, both of which will generate additional repair costs. Therefore, if you lack the necessary experience, it’s better to entrust the repair to professionals.

If your laptop has problems displaying the image on the screen, we invite you to LaptopFix Warsaw for a free repair estimate in just 15 minutes. Technicians experienced in repairing many laptop models will diagnose the problem and propose the best solution.

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