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Replacing the screen is one of the many laptop repair services available at LaptopFix laptop service in Warsaw. The LCD screen is a very fragile part of any laptop, prone to mechanical damage. Even a slight impact or pressure can cause it to crack, the liquid crystal to leak, and the image to become unreadable. In case of a screen failure, you can temporarily connect the laptop to an external monitor, but this is a short-term solution.


What is an LCD screen and how does it work?

A liquid-crystal display, or LCD, is commonly known as the screen or display, a device that shows the image. It works on the principle of changing light polarization due to the reorientation of liquid crystal molecules under the influence of an electric field. That’s the theory. In practice, the screen is one of the main output devices through which we interact with the computer. It displays the results of the computer’s work, so to be able to use the laptop comfortably, we need a functional screen.


Types of LCD screen damage

We often see laptops with mechanically damaged screens in our service center. This includes cracked, shattered, or leaking screens with stains and colored stripes. Such damage usually occurs due to a laptop drop or during transport. Many of our clients use soft bags for carrying laptops, which do not provide adequate protection. A closed laptop lid does not guarantee that the screen won’t crack under too much pressure. We also see cracked screens after closing the lid with an object left on the keyboard, even a simple pen can cause damage.

On the other end are electronics failures. The screen is not just glass but also a complex electronic system. Symptoms of such failures can vary widely and often mislead by “suggesting” a problem with the graphics unit or the screen cable rather than the screen itself.


Symptoms of laptop screen damage
  • cracked/broken laptop screen
  • vertical stripes on the screen
  • leaked image
  • discoloration
  • stains on the screen
  • altered colors
  • image flickering
  • stripes when moving the screen lid
  • white screen
  • no image
  • bright spots on the screen
  • dead pixels (bad pixel)
  • screen after liquid damage
Screen replacement at LaptopFix laptop service in Warsaw

If your laptop has problems displaying the image on the screen, we invite you to our service center for a free repair estimate in just 15 minutes. Technicians with many years of experience in laptop repair will diagnose the cause of the issue and propose the most beneficial solution. We always have the most popular types of screens in stock, allowing us to minimize repair time. Often, screen replacement is done on the spot within 20-30 minutes, and our clients leave with a new screen during their first visit to the service center.

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