Laptop repair service in Warsaw. As a laptop service with many years of experience, we will comprehensively take care of your laptop. Come today for a free repair estimate for your laptop. We can handle any fault.


We repair laptops of all manufacturers, including: Lenovo, Acer, Apple MacBook, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Huawei, Kiano, Medion, Microsoft Surface, MSI, Samsung, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Dynabook, Xiaomi, Clevo, Razer, Gigabyte, Aorus, Getac and others.


We offer, among other things:

Cleaning and maintenance of the cooling system

Cleaning the laptop’s cooling system from accumulated dust inside, which ultimately hinders or completely prevents effective laptop cooling. Replacing the thermal paste on the processor (CPU), as well as the graphics chip (GPU) and thermal pads.

Fault symptoms: The laptop heats up a lot, overheats and shuts down, slows down, the fan runs continuously at high speeds.


Cooling system repair

Cooling system repair – replacing damaged components of the system such as the fan or radiator.

Fault symptoms: The laptop overheats and shuts down, loud fan operation, laptop hangs, restarts, blue screens, shuts down shortly after startup.


LCD screen replacement

Replacement of the screen and touch screen in the laptop.

Fault symptoms: Display issues, stains, discolorations, no backlight, cracked screen, spilled screen, touch functions not working or touch screen malfunctioning.


Screen cable replacement

Screen cable replacement – signal cable connecting the screen to the motherboard.

Fault symptoms: Screen flickers or goes out when moving the lid, stripes on the screen, no image, or altered colors.


Screen backlight circuit repair

Repair of the screen backlight circuit in the laptop.

Fault symptoms: No backlight, image barely visible, image visible when illuminated with a lamp.


BGA chip replacement – graphics chip, bridge

Replacement of BGA packaged chips – graphics chips, bridges, reballing of the chip.

Fault symptoms: The laptop does not turn on, no image, stripes on the screen, artifacts, reduced resolution, laptop freezing.


BGA reballing

Repair of broken solder joints between the laptop’s motherboard and the BGA chip by replacing the solder balls with new ones and re-soldering the chip.

Fault symptoms: Black screen on startup, no image, incorrect image display, stripes on the screen, laptop does not turn on, freezes.


Replacement of damaged ports and connectors

Replacement of charging ports, USB, LAN, audio (headphone) and others. We also replace damaged connectors on the motherboard, e.g., keyboard connector.

Fault symptoms: Mechanically damaged port, broken or cracked connector, laptop not charging, loose port, no sound in headphones, USB not connecting.


Motherboard repair

Motherboard repair in laptops.

Fault symptoms: Laptop does not turn on, does not charge the battery, no image, randomly shuts down, freezes, restarts.


Keyboard replacement

Replacement of damaged and spilled keyboards.

Fault symptoms: Missing keys, sticky keys after spilling, clicking sounds while typing, non-working keys, letters typing by themselves, different characters typing than selected, falling out keys.


Touchpad repair or replacement

Repair of the damaged touchpad in the laptop, repair of the touchpad buttons.

Fault symptoms: The touchpad does not work or is intermittent, no response when pressing the touchpad button, sunken button, no tactile feedback when pressing the button.


Replacement of hard drives HDD, SSD, RAM, processors, DVD drives

Replacement of damaged laptop components.

Fault symptoms: Laptop works slowly, freezes, insufficient memory, optical drive does not read discs, short battery life.


Repair of a flooded laptop

Repair of a flooded laptop – Cleaning the motherboard and repairing the laptop after liquid ingress.

Fault symptoms: The laptop does not turn on or shuts down after a while, the keyboard does not work, is sticky, the touchpad does not work, does not charge the battery.


Replacement of case elements, hinges

Replacement of the upper case, lower case, screen frame, cover, and hinges.

Fault symptoms: Cracked, broken case, damaged hinge, the case separates when opening and closing the lid, broken hinges.


Repair and installation of Windows, MacOS, Linux operating systems

Reinstallation of the operating system, system repair, and driver installation.

Fault symptoms: System does not start, system repair message, slow laptop operation, errors, blue screens, laptop freezing, cannot log into your account.


Virus removal

Removing viruses and cleaning the laptop from malware.

Fault symptoms: Laptop works slowly, freezes, popup ads, laptop is locked, no access to files, error and virus messages.


Replacement of worn-out battery

Replacement of a damaged or worn-out laptop battery.

Fault symptoms: Laptop does not charge the battery, does not fully charge the battery, quickly discharges. Long battery charging time or no charging. The laptop turns off even when the battery is fully charged.


Laptop power supplies

Not only laptop service, but also the sale of power supplies. We offer inspection and selection of the appropriate power supply.

Fault symptoms: No charging, battery charging problems, charging interruptions when moving the power plug, damaged cable.


We repair all faults such as:

  • no image on the LCD screen
  • cracked, spilled, broken screen
  • no screen backlight
  • black screen on laptop startup
  • operating system does not start
  • system freezing, errors, blue screens
  • laptop overheating and shutting down
  • damaged housing, damaged hinges
  • damaged charging port, damaged USB, headphone ports
  • missing keys, not working keys
  • liquid ingress
  • and other faults


Highest quality service – Laptop repair

We invite you to our Warsaw laptop service today for a free repair estimate of your laptop. We are also happy to provide you with a remote service. We are a service with many years of experience that will comprehensively take care of your laptop.