Data Recovery Warsaw. At LaptopFix, we also offer data recovery services. As part of a free analysis, we diagnose media damage, provide a cost estimate for data recovery, and give an approximate service completion time. The free analysis does not commit you to order the data recovery service.


We recover data from hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, and memory cards.


Logical damages:
  • Formatted disk
  • Data deletion
  • Viruses
  • Operating system failure
Physical damages:
  • Damaged heads
  • Damaged disk surface
  • Electronic damage
  • Head stuck to disk surface
  • Corrupted firmware


We recover data if:
  • Disk is not detected by the computer
  • Data on the disk is not visible
  • Disk shows zero capacity
  • Clicking or ticking noise inside the disk
  • Data has been deleted

and much more


If you have important data on your disk that you want to recover, it is best to immediately turn off the computer or disconnect the disk and bring it to the service. Using a damaged disk can worsen the situation, and in the case of previously deleted data, there is a risk of overwriting them. Data recovery from a disk after attempts of self-recovery without proper knowledge can be difficult or even impossible, so it is better to use professional services.