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Asus service in Warsaw – The name Asus comes from the last four letters of the word Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek mythology. The company was founded in 1989 in Taipei by several ambitious engineers who dreamed of creating a “small and beautiful company.” Today, Asus is a global technology leader focused on the quality and innovation of its products. Taiwan has become a dominant player in the tech industry.

Asus started with the production of motherboards and by 1995 had become the world’s leading motherboard manufacturer. Currently, Asus’s product range covers almost all areas of the computer market. They continue to produce motherboards, as well as graphics cards, laptops, tablets, smartphones, PCs, monitors, mice, and many other products.


Asus laptop service

At LaptopFix, we repair Asus laptops and tablets. Our technicians have extensive experience in repairing this brand’s equipment. They can handle any malfunction in a short time.

Typical issues we encounter most often when repairing Asus equipment include, for laptops: damaged or cracked casing, broken hinges, damaged charging ports, and power section failures on the motherboard. For tablets, this includes cracked screens and charging issues (damaged USB port). Of course, our range of services is much broader; here are some examples:


Examples of services offered by the Asus warranty service in Warsaw:
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the cooling system in Asus laptops
  • Cooling system repair
  • Replacing the LCD screen in Asus laptops
  • Replacing the screen cable
  • Backlight circuit repair
  • Replacing BGA chips – graphics chip, bridge
  • Reballing BGA chips
  • Replacing damaged ports and connectors in Asus laptops
  • Motherboard repair in Asus laptops
  • Replacing the Asus keyboard
  • Repair or replacement of the touchpad
  • Replacing HDD, SSD drives, RAM, processors, DVD drives
  • Asus laptop repair after liquid damage
  • Replacing case components, hinges
  • Operating system repair and installation
  • Virus removal
  • Replacing worn-out batteries
  • Laptop power supplies
  • Replacing broken glass (digitizer)


Asus repair in Warsaw

At LaptopFix laptop service, we repair all models of Asus laptops and tablets. Below are examples of the series and models from this manufacturer. If your model is not listed, it’s not the end of the world. Bring your damaged laptop or tablet today for a free repair estimate in 15 minutes, and our technicians will take care of the rest. Asus laptop repairs are our daily business.


Asus laptops include:

ZenBook series
  • ZenBook: e.g., UX510U, UX360C, UX303L, UX32L, UX31A, UX501V, UX433FN, UX410UA, UX533FD, UX430UA, UX333FA, UX331UN, UX431FN, UX306UA, UX310UA
  • ZenBook S: UX390UA, UX392FN, UX391UA
  • ZenBook Pro: e.g., UX580GE, UX550GE, UX580GD, UX480FD
VivoBook series
  • VivoBook: e.g., X756UV, N580GD, X420UA, TP412UA, X540YA, E502NA, X541UJ, X542UA, X10UA, X412FA, X512UB, X555QG, X512UF, X712FA, E403NA, TP203MAH, X505ZA, X412UB, X512FB, X705UQ, X505BA, X512FA, X411QA
  • VivoBook S: e.g., S430UA, S410UA, S510UQ, S530UA, S41UN, S330UA, S406UA
  • VivoBook Pro: N580VD, N58GD, N705UD
FX series
  • FX505DY, FX505DD, FX05DY, FX503
ASUS Laptop series
  • X540LA
ASUSPRO series
  • P4540UQ, P2540UV
G series
  • ROG Zephyrus: GX701, GA502, GX531, GM501, GX502, GX501
  • ROG Strix: Hero, SCAR, GL503, GL702ZC
  • ROG: e.g., GL553VD, G703, GL753VE, GL502VS, GL553VW, G752VM, G701VI, GL502VY
TUF Gaming series
  • FX505, FX705, FX504


2-in-1 tablets:Serwis Asus

Transformer Book series
  • T101HA, TP500LA
VivoBook Flip series
  • TP412UA, TP410UA, TP401CA, TP203MAH, TP201SA
ZenBook Flip series
  • e.g., UX461UA, UX362FA, UX562FD, UX370UA

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