wymiana matrycy w laptopie Dell Inspiron 16 7610

Today we will look at the repair of the Dell Inspiron 16 7610 laptop, specifically the replacement of the LCD matrix in the laptop. The matrix was mechanically damaged. The impact caused a so-called spider vein, scattered spots and stripes appeared, and the image became unreadable. This happens because the laptop matrix consists of, among others: from glass layers. Damage to the glass coating causes the liquid crystal layer to spill. Replacing the matrix in the Dell 7610 is not a simple matter, because to replace the screen you need to dismantle the matrix wing.

Dell Inspiron 16 7610 repair at LaptopFix Laptop Service Warsaw

The Dell Inspiron 16 7610 model uses an IPS matrix with a diagonal of 16″ and a resolution of 3072×1920. The matrix has no fasteners and is glued to the inner side of the matrix flap with a special tape. This method of mounting the matrix is ​​increasingly used by laptop manufacturers to minimize the dimensions and weight of the computer. However, replacing the matrix installed in this way requires knowledge and experience. Using the wrong thickness of tape, sticking it in inappropriate places or gluing the matrix crookedly may result in the inability to properly fit the flap and the matrix frame. It is better to entrust such repairs to professionals tapes and screwing the casing, we check whether the image is displayed properly. We also check whether all functions of the laptop work properly. The replacement of the matrix in the Dell 7610 has been completed and the laptop can now be returned to its owner.
Thanks to our extensive experience in servicing Dell laptops, we are able to replace the matrix in a very short time, and by entrusting us with your laptop, you can be sure that the repair will be done reliably and without any surprises or additional costs.

In case of problems with the LCD matrix or other components of a Dell laptop, we encourage you to contact Dell Service Warsaw for free diagnosis. LaptopFix Laptop service is located at ul. Grójecka 132 in Warsaw’s Ochota district. We are also available by phone: 507 255 608. We cordially invite you.

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