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Service HP Warsaw – Hewlett-Packard is an American IT company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The company was founded in 1939 by William Hewlett and Dave Packard in a garage. Today, HP is one of the largest IT companies in the world, producing, among other things, printers, scanners, laptops, workstations, PCs, and servers. In 2002, HP acquired its competitor Compaq Computer. Additionally, Hewlett-Packard is considered the creator of the first personal computer, which was the personal calculator released in 1968.


HP Laptop Service

HP categorizes its laptops by series and their intended use. Thus, we can distinguish business laptops, everyday use laptops, gaming laptops, workstations, and 2-in-1 laptops. There is also a premium segment that stands out for its innovation and the quality of materials used. The wide range and price bracket of HP laptops ensure that everyone can find the perfect laptop for themselves.

If you already have an HP laptop and it has malfunctioned, we invite you for a free repair estimate within 15 minutes at LaptopFix Laptop Service Warsaw. Our technicians have been successfully repairing HP laptops and tablets for many years. Thanks to a well-developed service base and experience gained from servicing HP equipment, we can quickly and effectively handle any issue. All repairs, from system installations to complex motherboard repairs, are performed in our service center. We do not subcontract work, allowing us to provide services at the highest level.

The issues we most frequently encounter while servicing HP equipment include damaged charging ports, cracked cases around the hinges, broken hinges, and GPU failures on the motherboard. Additionally, HP laptop repairs include all standard issues found in competitor laptops, such as power section repairs, post-liquid damage repairs, and the replacement of components like screens, keyboards, hard drives, etc.


Examples of services offered by the HP service center in Warsaw:
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the cooling system for HP laptops
  • Cooling system repair
  • LCD screen replacement for HP laptops
  • Replacement of the matrix ribbon
  • Repair of the matrix backlight circuit
  • Replacement of BGA chips – graphics chip, bridge
  • Reballing of BGA chips
  • Replacement of damaged sockets and connectors, including the charging port in HP laptops
  • Motherboard repair in HP laptops
  • HP keyboard replacement
  • Touchpad repair or replacement
  • Replacement of HDDs, SSDs, RAM, processors, DVD drives
  • HP laptop repair after liquid damage
  • Replacement of housing elements and hinges
  • Repair and installation of operating systems
  • Virus removal
  • Battery replacement
  • Laptop power supplies
  • Replacement of broken glass (digitizer)


HP Repair Warsaw

At LaptopFix Laptop Repair Warsaw, we service all models of HP laptops and tablets. Below are examples of models from this manufacturer. If you cannot find your model on the list, don’t worry. These are just examples. Just bring your HP laptop to LaptopFix, and we’ll take care of the rest.


EliteBook SeriesHP service

Elegant and efficient business laptops.

  • EliteBook  x360 1030 G4, 830 G6, 735 G6, 840 G6,  x360 1040 G6, 745 G6, 745 G5, 850 G6, x360 830 G6, 830 G5, x360 1030 G3, 850 G5, 840 G5, x360 830 G5, 755 G5, 840 G1, 820 G3, x360 1040 G5, 840r G4, 1050 G1, 735 G5, 840 G3, x360 1030 G2, 8560w, Folio 9470m, 2530p, 8760w, Folio 1040 G1, 8470p


Pavilion Series

Versatile laptops for everyday use

  • Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0029nw, 15-cs2083nw, 15-cs2091nw, 15-cs2087nw, 15-bc501nw, 17-cd0023nw, 15-dk0024nw, 15-dk0025nw, 17-cd0022nw, 15-dk0009nw, 14-ce2045nw, 15-dk0020nw, x360 – 15-dq0014nw, x360 – 15-dq0015nw, 15-bc507nw, 15-cw1016nw,  15-cw1014nw, 15-cw1012nw, 14-ce2041nw,  x360 14-dh0013nw, 15-cx0048nw, 15-cx0022nw, 14-ce2036nw, x360 – 15-dq0007nw, 14-ce2032nw,  x360 14-dh0005nw, x360 14-dh0012nw, 15-cs2014nw, 15-bc415nw, dv6-2120ew, 15-p023na, 15-au110nt, g6-1352sw, dv6-6b60ew, dv7-7051sw
ZBook Series

Mobile workstations

  • ZBook 17 G6, 15 G6, 14u G6, 15u G6, 15v G5, Studio G5, 17 G5, 15 G5, 14u G5, 15u G5, Studio x360 G5 Convertible, ZBook x2 G4, 17 G4


Essential Series

Basic series of HP laptops

  • Notebook 250 G7, 15s-fq0019nw, 15s-fq0007nw, HP 255 G7, 15s-fq0018nw, 14-dk0034nw, 14s-dq0009nw, 15-rb062nw, 14s-dq0010nw, 15-rb063nw, 15-db1015nw, 15-db1012nw, 15-dw0032nw, 15-dw0035nw, 17-by0016nw, 15-da1032nw, 17-by0015nw, 17-ca1000nw, 15-db1002nw, 14-dk0008nw, 14-dk0025nw, 15-da1023nw, 17-ca0009nw, 15-ra097nw, 17-ca0006nw, 14-dk0017nw, 15-da1029nw, 17-by1005nw, 15-dw0019nw, 15-rb061nw, 17-ca0002nw, 15-da1010nw , 15-dw0007nw, 17-by1004nw


ProBook Series

Reliable and efficient laptops for professional use

  • ProBook 650 G5, 440 G6, 455R G6, 445R G6, 455R G6, 640 G5, 450 G6, 645 G4, 640 G4, 430 G6, 470 G5, 650 G4, x360 440 G1, x360 11 G1 EE, 640 G2


OMEN Series

Laptop series for gamers

  • OMEN 15-dc1060nw, 15-dc1069nw, 15-dh0002nw, 15-dc1036nw, 15-dc1040nw, 15-dc1041nw, 15-dc1039nw, 15-dc1014nw, 17-cb0010nw, 17-cb0011nw, 17-cb0006nw, , 15-dc1044nw, 17-cb0019nw, 15-dc1050nw,  15-dc1053nw, 15-dc1055nw, 15-dc1052nw,17-cb0020nw, 15-dc1058nw, 2S 15-dg0004nw, 2S 15-dg0000nw, 2S 15-dg0001nw, S 15-dg0003nw, 15-dc1026nw, 17-an119nw, 17-an118nw, 15-dc1003nw, 15-dc1001nw


Envy Series

Thin, mobile, yet also powerful laptops

  • Envy X360 – 13-ar0007nw, 17-ce0011nw, 13-aq0007nw, x360 – 15-dr0008nw, 13-aq0004nw, 13-aq0005nw, 13-aq0003nw, 17-ce0003nw, 13-aq0002nw, 17-ce0009nw, 13-aq0000nw, 13-ah1018nw, 13-ah1019nw, 15-cn1006nw, 13-ah1014nw, 17-ce0005nw


Spectre Series

Convertible premium laptops with long battery life

  • HP Spectre x360 – 13-ap0010nw, 13-ap0011nw, 13-ap0007nw

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