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Lenovo Service Warsaw – a Chinese IT company founded in 1984. The brand name was changed to “Lenovo” only in 2003. Previously, the company used the name “Legend”. It gained popularity in 2005 after acquiring IBM. Lenovo is one of the main players in the IT market. The brand is also well known in our local market. The corporation’s offer is very wide. Lenovo produces, among other things, laptops (notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, servers, workstations, and storage devices).


Lenovo Laptop Service

Lenovo’s wide range of laptops ensures that everyone can find something for themselves. We have series of laptops for gamers, typical workhorses, thin and mobile ultrabooks, and budget laptops for every pocket. Laptops are divided into series based on their intended use.

Typical faults we most often encounter when servicing Lenovo laptops include broken cases near the hinges, damaged palmrests, cracked bottom cases or screen lids, and broken or cracked hinges.


Examples of services offered by the out-of-warranty Lenovo service in Warsaw:
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the cooling system for Lenovo laptops
  • Cooling system repair
  • LCD screen replacement for Lenovo laptops
  • Matrix ribbon replacement
  • Backlight circuit repair
  • BGA chip replacement – graphics chip, bridge
  • Reballing of BGA chips
  • Replacement of damaged ports and connectors in Lenovo laptops
  • Motherboard repair for Lenovo laptops
  • Keyboard replacement for Lenovo laptops
  • Touchpad repair or replacement
  • Replacement of HDDs, SSDs, RAM, processors, DVD drives
  • Repair of Lenovo laptops after liquid damage
  • Replacement of housing elements and hinges
  • Repair and installation of operating systems
  • Virus removal
  • Battery replacement
  • Laptop power supplies
  • Replacement of broken glass (digitizer)


Lenovo Repair Warsaw

Below we present the individual series of Lenovo laptops that we repair at LaptopFix Laptop Service and their example designations. If your model is not on the list, there is still hope. Bring your damaged laptop to our service, and our technicians will diagnose the fault and estimate the repair for free. Lenovo laptop repair holds no secrets for us.


ThinkPad Series

Durable and efficient business laptops

  • X1 Extreme, X280, X380 Yoga, X390, X395, X1 Carbon, T580, T590, T480s, T490s, T495s, P1, P43s, P52s, P53s, P72, P73, 13s, L390, L490, L380, L580, L590, L480, E590, E585, E580, E480, E485, E495, E490, E595, 11e
ideapad Series

Affordable laptops for everyday use

  • Y700, 700, 720s, 520s, 530s, 330s, 320s, 120s, Miix 520, Miix 310, Miix 300, Miix 320, Miix 510, Miix 700, Miix 720, Miix 630, S540, S145, S340, S530, S340, S130, L340, C340
Yoga Series

Convertible laptops that serve as both a laptop and a tablet

  • C930, S940, S730, C920, 730, 720, 530, 520, 300, 310, 330
V Series

Laptops for small businesses at a good price

  • V720, V730, V130, V330, V155, V320, V340
Legion Y Series

Gaming laptops with powerful dedicated graphics

  • Legion Y7000P, Y540, Y720, Y730, Y530, Y740, Y520


Lenovo Tablet Service

In the tablet segment, Lenovo also has something to boast about. Business and everyday use tablets are available. Customers can choose between Windows or Android tablets. The option to purchase a dedicated keyboard makes the equipment more versatile. As for typical damages in tablets of this brand, Lenovo does not stand out from the competition. The most common repairs in our service are screen (touch screen) and LCD screen replacements after mechanical damage, as well as replacing damaged USB ports when there are charging problems. Often, customers come with tablets that freeze at startup, for example, at the Lenovo logo or get stuck in a boot loop. We also perform repairs after liquid damage, motherboard repairs, hardware button repairs, and operating system installations. If you have a problem with your Lenovo tablet, whether hardware or software, we invite you for a free estimate in 15 minutes at the LaptopFix service in Warsaw.


lenovo service

Lenovo tablets include the series:

  • Yoga Book
  • Yoga TAB
  • TAB 4
  • TAB 3
  • TAB 2
  • MIIX

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