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Service Huawei Warsaw – A Chinese company headquartered in Shenzen, established in 1987. A leading provider of consumer electronics and IT and communication infrastructure solutions. In Poland, the brand is primarily known for its smartphones, laptops, and tablets, gaining popularity through its wireless modems offered by many mobile networks. Huawei laptops are associated with a good price-to-quality ratio and a simple, elegant design.


Huawei Laptop Service

Huawei laptops include the MateBook, MateBook X, and MateBook D series. At first glance, this laptop manufacturer’s offer seems rather modest, especially compared to the competition – for example, there is no gaming laptop series. However, everyone should find a laptop that suits their needs. We have the MateBook D series for everyday use, the MateBook series focusing on performance, and the MateBook X Pro series, which are premium ultrabooks known for their extraordinary lightness and performance.

At LaptopFix Laptop Service Warsaw, we repair Huawei laptops and tablets. Thanks to our well-developed service facilities and the experience gained from servicing Huawei equipment, we can quickly and effectively deal with any issue. All repairs, even the most complex ones, are performed in our service center. We do not outsource work to subcontractors, which allows us to provide services at the highest level.

The most common issues we encounter when repairing Huawei laptops include broken cases around the hinges, damaged lids or hinges, cracked cases, damaged charging ports, and damaged motherboards. Repairing Huawei laptops involves tasks similar to those for other brands, such as post-spill repairs, screen replacements, SSD replacements, and more. Below is a list of services we offer.


Examples of services offered by the Huawei service center in Warsaw:
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the cooling system for Huawei laptops
  • Cooling system repair
  • LCD screen replacement for Huawei laptops
  • Matrix ribbon replacement
  • Repair of the matrix backlight circuit
  • Replacement of BGA chips – graphics chip, bridge
  • Reballing of BGA chips
  • Replacing damaged sockets and connectors in Huawei laptops
  • Motherboard repair for Huawei laptops
  • Huawei keyboard replacement
  • Touchpad repair or replacement
  • Replacement of HDDs, SSDs, RAM, processors, DVD drives
  • Huawei laptop repair after flooding
  • Replacement of housing elements, hinges
  • Repair and installation of operating systems
  • Virus removal
  • Replacing a used battery
  • Laptop power supplies
  • Replacing a broken glass (digitizer)


Huawei Repairs in Warsaw

At LaptopFix Laptop Repair Warsaw, we service all models of Huawei laptops. Below are example model designations of equipment from this manufacturer. If you don’t find your model on the list, don’t worry. Just bring your Huawei laptop to the LaptopFix service center for a free diagnosis and repair estimate.


Huawei MateBook SeriesHuawei laptop repair service Warsaw
  • MateBook 14, MateBook 16s

Huawei MateBook D Series
  • MateBook D 15.6, MateBook D 16, MateBook D 15, MateBook D 14
Huawei MateBook X Series
  • MateBook X Pro

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